Learn to Trade Crypto From A to Z

Learn to choose a crypto, to select an order type on Bitbns. Use a trading strategy to discipline your trading, manage your risks and trade intelligently and confidently

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In this section, you will understand the difference between cryptocurrencies and other assets. You will also get acquainted with the course contents.

Overview of Trading

Understand the concept as well as the objective of trading with the help of intuitive examples.

Order Book

Every exchange maintains an order book that includes the details of buyers and sellers’ orders. You will go through each and every component of the order book and know how it is maintained. This will help you in understanding the market’s expectations from the asset.

Market and Limit Orders

An important part of trading is the price at which you enter and exit a trade. To help you achieve the best price for buying and selling, an exchange offers various ways to place an order. In this section, you will go through the market and limit orders. Also, you will understand when to use them.

Bracket Order

A bracket order is a unique type of order which lets you set the take profit and stop loss level when you are placing a buy order.

Trading Terminal

In this section, you will understand the layout of the bitbns terminal and understand how to use the terminal to place buy or sell orders.

Create a Trading Strategy

A smart trader will always have a plan before he enters the market. Go through an example detailing the life cycle of a trading strategy and understand how a trading strategy will help you trade systematically.

Types of Trading Strategies

Broadly speaking, there are three types of trading strategies, fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis based trading strategy. Know the difference between the three trading strategies and the types of traders employing them.

Things to Keep in Mind While Trading

In this section, you will go through five important things to keep in mind as well as five sins to avoid while trading.

In this section, you will go through the regulative steps taken in India for the cryptocurrency market.


In this section, you will go through the important points mentioned in this course.

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