Learn All About Trendlines, Support, Resistance

This course emphasizes the very core, yet most popular concepts of technical analysis such as – trends, support and resistance zones, trendlines, and also channel trading. Apart from developing a new set of skills, you will also become acquainted with five trading strategies, that can be applied to price charts, of most financial assets

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You may have come across certain technical analysis terms such as trendlines, support and resistance, or even channels. In this section, you will understand the purpose behind identifying and marking such patterns in price charts. Later in this section, you will also acquaint yourself with the complete flow of topics covered within this course.

Identifying trends is one of the most crucial aspects of analysing price charts. This is because trend identification helps in determining the dominant direction in price movements. In this section, you will become familiar with identifying the different types of trends. And by the end, you will also know about the various trading positions you can consider taking, based upon the trend.

Support and Resistance

Support and resistance is the core concept on which all technical analysis is based upon. In this section, you will learn to uncover the hidden demand and supply zones within price charts. And further, you will also learn to use this information to your advantage, by implementing a basic strategy, where we open relevant trading positions at the most probable reversal points.


In this section, you will understand the need for having trendlines, and also realise the purpose behind marking them in price charts. With the help of trendlines, you can easily gauge the key areas of support and resistance, especially during trending phases. By the end of this section, you will also have acquainted yourself with two simple trading strategies based on trendlines.

Channel Trading

Channel trading is a simple, yet effective methodology, which can be implemented for taking trades, based on the ongoing direction of the trend. The principles followed here are very identical to that of the support and resistance strategy. In this section, you will mainly learn about the ascending and descending channel patterns. And finally, you will also implement two trading strategies based upon them.


In this section, you will quickly be able to recap some of the key concepts that you learned throughout this course. After completing this final section, you will also have a good idea about the topics that you can pick up next, in order to continue your journey in learning technical analysis.

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